Helping People To Help People

Pathfinder Mission Volunteers

At the heart and soul of this ministry is the service of the many volunteers that are stirred by the Holy Spirit to reach out to people in need. Partnered with Clearpoint Church of Pasadena Texas, Pathfinder Mission has established a volunteer camp using the church facilities. Martie and I are living in a travel trailer next to the church. The need is great but our God is greater! As in times past we are counting on God showing up in the form of volunteer teams who have a heart for helping the helpless. Perhaps that includes you!



Who To Contact

  Phone: 228-493-1272 or 228-493-1081  

Volunteer Information

  Click on this link Volunteer Info to download a PDF that provides most of the information you will need to plan your trip to Texas.  
  First, call or email to confirm that there is space available for your team. Then Team Leader must provide information about the team on a spreadsheet you can download by clicking on this link Team Info Once completed, email the spreadsheet to Martie at least 1 week before the team arrives.  
  Each Team member must sign a Waiver of Liability. For Adults click on the link Adult Volunteer Waiver and for Minors (under 18) click on this link Minor Volunteer Waiver  

Driving Directions

  The Texas toll roads can be troublesome due to their restrictions on what vehicles can use them. Some are EZ-Tag Only which means you cannot pay a toll to use them. If you have questions give us a call or email us.  
  From The East Through Baton Rouge On I-10  
  Click on this link Eastern Route to download a PDF that provides directions on how to avoid the toll roads when you arrive in Houston. Expect a 1 to 1 1/2 hour delay in Baton Rouge.  
  From The North Through Texarkana On 59  
  Click on this link Northern Route to download a PDF that provides directions on how to avoid the toll roads when you arrive in Houston.  

Current Work

  In the interest of preserving privacy we will not reference the names of the home owners on the web site.  
  House 1: Prep Floor And Install Laminate Flooring, Interior Doors, Door and Cabionet Hardware, Paint And Install Quarter Round Molding, Set Kitchen Sink, Dishwasher, Gas Stove
  House 2:  Install Base and Wall Cabinets, Cut and Install Countertops, Set Kitchen Sink, Garbage Disposal, Stove, Dishwasher, Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs, Install Base Molding, Tile Kitchen Backsplash
  House 3:  Base Molding, Chimney Flashing Replacement And Sealing, Cabinet Drawer Repair