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Homes Funded For Construction

  I just received an email from Pastor Anderson that I would like to share. 

Hello my brother. I told you that the mass-raising work will begin this week. But there is another problem. Since the beginning of the week the rain does not cease to fall at the level of the department of Grand'Anse, the road to go to Bwanef is impracticable declared the boss mason, it could not work under the rains. Here again there is another delay in the work of Bwanef. If the weather is fine the boss mason will work by the weekend because we can not waste materials because of the rain. I think you will understand me because I can not do anything about this situation. If were for me the houses should finish already because there are many kind who sleep in the rain and they need our help. They rely on God and you because they have no other people to help them. I hope God through you will deliver them from this painful misery by helping them get out in the rain especially during this rainy season that begins this weekend. May God give you strength, courage and money to help them and in return he will bless you and your family and all the people who help you in this important project especially after the passage of the auragant Matthew Or genres sleep under the stars.

Bondye beniw (God Bless You)

We will send money to start two additional houses Thursday, April 27th.  Our goal is to build 70 houses eventually.  We cannot build them fast enough, but will build them as God provides.  Please pray for this work.

Pastor Ladouceur Eslin - Bwanef

  Meet Pastor Eslin and his family. Pastor Eslin shepards a church in Bwanef, a village set on top of a mountain. It's a three hour hike from Anse du Clerc for most visitors. Pastor Eslin's home was destroyed, as was his church, during Hurricane Matthew.
Sponsor : Chapel of the Redwoods Comptche, CA
Date Started : 25 February 2017
Date Finshed :
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Pastor Laguerre Edwidge- LaSeringue

  Meet Pastor Edwidge and his family. Pastor Edwidge shepards a church in Laseringue, a remote fishing village set in a small bay west of Anse du Clerc. It's a three hour walk from Anse du Clerc and 45 minutes by boat. Pastor Edwidge walks to and from Laseringue twice a week to minister to the people. We are building the house in Laseringue so he and his family can live there.
Date Started : 25 February 2017
Date Finshed :


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