Helping People To Help People

Pathfinder Mission, is a 501(c) 3, non-profit ministry, birthed out of the destruction brought on by hurricane Katrina in southern Mississippi in 2005 serving the people of the Gulf Coast region. After 5 years in Mississippi, we had shifted our focus and resources to serving the people of Haiti for 6 years and now, in addition to our work in Haiti, we are serving in Texas following Huricane Harvey.

Our mission remains the same....Serving the Lord by serving others.

Matthew 22:37-19 Loving God and Loving Others

Matthew 25:33-40 Seeing Needs then Meeting Needs

Pathfinder in Texas Hurricane Harvey Recovery Information

Our Ministry In The Past

A Cord Of Three Strands: The strength of our ministry comes from the opportunites the Lord provides for us to forge partnerships with other faith-based, like minded ministries. There is a supernatural synergy resulting in our accomplishing much more than we could ever do on our own.

Hurricane Katrina - Mississippi 2005-2010: In 2005 we moved to southern Mississippi to assist the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. We partnered with the American Red Cross, Lutheran Disaster Relief, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief, Montgomery First Baptist Church, and a number of churches in Mississippi, Alabama, California, Indiana, and Florida. We helped over 400 families with their homes, 500 families with free storage sheds hosting over 1000 volunteers, many coming on multiple visits, representing 60 churches and ministries.

Jacmel Haiti 2011-2014 : In 2011 we moved to Jacmel, Haiti in partnership with Children's Hope. Our initial purpose was to build an orphanage for Children's Hope next to the Jacmel airport. God had someting else in mind. We built a second orphanage, organized and directed 6 church schools in Jacmel, coordinated meals for the students through Helping Haiti, a ministry based in the U.S. For the first 2 years, we worked under the banner of Pathfinder Mission. For the last two years we served on staff with Children's Hope.

We partnered with Water Missions international to supply water treatment for the Orphanage and 4 of the schools. We partnered with Water for Life to drill wells at both orphanages and the school in La Vallee in the mountains. We partnered with Calvary Development Initiative to provide skilled Haitian labor for the orphanage construction. We partnered with Help for Haiti to provide meals for 900 students. And we partnered with a team of seminary students to conduct crusades and plant churches in the mountains.

Anse du Clerc Haiti 2014-2015: In the Fall of 2014 we moved to Jeremie, Haiti, 12 miles east of Anse du Clerc, to start a new ministry intiative for Children's Hope. Anse du Clerc is a very remote part of Haiti at the tip of the southwestern peninsula of Haiti. We built a base camp to support Children's Hope operations and began to build relationships with the pastors of the seven churches under the leadership of Pastor Francky Jeune. In late July 2015, having completed our mission there, we sensed that the season for our living in Haiti had come to an end and the Lord was returning us to the United States.

Our Ministry in Haiti In The Present 2016-2018

From 5,000 feet, Haiti looks to be a tropical paradise. Particulary in southwestern Haiti where the vegetation has not been stripped away for charcoal production. The ocean water has variations of rich blues set against the green countryside. What you can't see from above the trees is the silent struggle of the people ... a struggle to survive.

Ministry Approach in Haiti: Our ministry is accomplished by Haitian Christians, through the local church. The ministry is funded, in whole or in part, by churches and other partners in the U.S. The Haitians ministering to Haitians receive training from small teams from the U.S. who come for the specific purpose of training ministers and church leaders for their ministry. The result being that the community focus is on the pastor and the local church and not the American churches. Pathfinder Mission is comitted to Helping Haitians Help Haitians and giving God the credit.

Homes For Haiti : Most Haitians living in the mountains and country live in hovels with torn tarps for a roof and one room for the entire family. The houses are subject to the elements as are its occupants. It is not that the people don't desire a better place to live, they will never have enough money to build it. So they endure. We are building houses for families living in the mountains. The houses are constructed with metal roofs, a cistern with a simple water catch system, and a pit toilet. The houses are built by Haitians and the consructin is coordinated by Haitian Pastors. We are building homes from people in the mountains near Jacmel (Pastor Marc) and Jeremie/Anse du Clerc (Pastor Franky and his son Anderson)

Our Ministry in Texas

Martie and I have relocated to Pasadena Texas to assist in the Hurricane Recovery effort. We are partnered with Clearpoint Church in Pasadena. We manage a volunteer facility and coordinate recovery assistance for the people recovering from the aftermath of the storm. Our ministry is always focused on helping those who can't help themselves by empowering others to provide assistance through prayer, work and financial support. Everything in this life has a spiritual context. At the heart of everything we do is showing people Jesus and glorify God in all that we do.