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Water For Haiti

I was asked if I could describe Haiti in one word, what would it be. My answer was "water". Water is essential for life. Many Hatitian people, primarily women and children, spend the better part of their day fetching water. Often walking miles to find water that is suitable for drinking and cooking. Most often the water they find is contaminated with at minimum coliform bacteria, but they don't know that. They just know that it is clear. Pathfinder Mission is seeking ways to bring sustainable solutions to the lack of potable water in rural villages.


I searched on "water purification systems for third world countries" on GOOGLE and got 145,000 hits. 145,000! So if there are so many solutions for water in countries like Haiti, why are there still water problems? One lesson I learned while I lived in Haiti is that whatever the solution might be, it must be simple, energy independent, and sustainable. It must flow with the life activity of the people. Else, it won't work, for long. There will not be one solution, as much as we would like that. The solution must be tailored to the geographics, hydrographics, and demographics of the village. One size will not fit all.

Just because the task is difficult is not a reason to not try. This is a God-sized project, so of course it is too difficult for us to accomplish on our own. Either God has spoken or He has not. We believe He has. Either the people are worth the effort or they are not. And we believe they are! To the glory of God.

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