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Our Journey - Charley and Martie Elgin

In the book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren uses the acrostic "SHAPE" to describe how God prepares you for  His purpose for you in this life.  The following chronology reflects how God has shaped us over the past 30 years for serving on the Gulf Coast, in Haiti and in Texas... walking the path that He has set our feet on ...

2 Corinthians 3:4-6  "And we have such trust through Christ toward God.  Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God,  who also made us sufficient as  ministers of the new covenant"

Our faith journey began when we accepted Christ in 1976, after college, while on our first assignment in the Army. I had served as a radio operator in Vietnam in 1969-1970, and then went to college on the GI Bill. After serving in  Desert Storm, 1990-1991, we chose to leave the Army  after 17 years, before retirement for the betterment of our children. Since then, we have been extensively involved in ministry  and missions in south-central Alabama. We were commissioned by our home church the Fall of 2005 as missionaries to the Gulf coast.  Following that, I, Charley, was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in January 2006 by our church, Gateway Baptist Church,  which was a further confirmation of our calling. Proverbs 16:9 says "Men make plans, but God orders their steps" had we not left the Army when we did, we would not have experienced God's blessing in serving Him and others.

Alabama Men of Integrity: 1993 – 1996  I led an inter-denominational and multi-racial ministry  which focused on winning men to the Lord and encouraging them to walk faithfully in accordance with the Word of God. Martie helped with the administrative tasks.

Promise Keepers: 1996 – 1997   In late 1995, I was asked to join the staff of Promise Keepers and  served as manager for Promise Keepers for both Alabama and Mississippi.    

Faith Broadcasting: 1996-2001  Martie served as Office Manager at a Christian radio station,  a 501(c)3 on Montgomery, AL.  This required her to understand financial tracking and reporting as well as volunteer  coordination.

Military Missions Network: 2004 – 2005   We helped establish a para-church ministry, a 501(c)3   ministry, for military members and their families. Gateway BC: 2004-2005 Martie served the people of Gateway Baptist  Church as an administrative assistant. 

Campus Crusade for Christ Military Ministry 2005   We joined with Campus Crusade as associate   staff with their military ministry.

Ocean Springs: 2 Sept 2005 – 15 Oct 2005   We went to Ocean Springs as Red Cross Volunteers,  along with other members of our church,  to establish a Red Cross Shelter at Christus Victor Lutheran Church.   Once we were relieved by other Red Cross volunteers, we continued to serve at the church.  Martie served as volunteer  coordinator and I managed food and supply distribution for Lutheran distribution points along the Gulf Coast and the  Food Kitchen at the church.

Bay St. Louis: 15 Oct 2005 – 27 March 2006   In early October, First Baptist Church of Montgomery asked Gateway BC and us to join them in Waveland - Bay St Louis with the relief effort there.  We moved to Shoreline  Park Baptist Church where Martie continued to coordinate volunteers and work requests.  I managed the volunteer camp  operations and relief effort.    Waveland: 28 March 2006 - 15 June 2010  Pathfinder Mission  In early January 2005,  we felt the call to start a new ministry in Waveland.  After much counsel and the concurrence of our home church,  we began making plans to leave the Shoreline volunteer camp move to Waveland.  We established Pathfinder Mission in  Waveland in April 2006.  In May 2007, Pathfinder Mission received designation as a Mississippi non-profit organization.   In August 2007, Pathfinder received status as a 501(c)3  

Bridgestone:  15 June 2010 - 30 May 2011 With the construction on the coast at an end, we closed  the camp in Waveland and moved to central Alabama to organize for ministry to Haitian orphans and the rebuild homes  lost to the earthquake of January 2010.  We are partnered with Bridges of Faith a ministry to international orphans  who also operates Bridgestone, a 140 acre prayer, retreat and equipping center located 30 miles north of Montgomery, AL.

Haiti:  January 12 2011 - 30 July 2015 I made my first trip to Haiti in January 2011 exactly one  year after the "tranbleman de te" great earthquake.  In April 2011, Pathfinder partnered with Children's Hope of  Montgomery, AL to build an orphanage in Jacmel for the 18 children supported by that ministry with the expectation  to increase the number of children to 60 by 2012.  We expected to be in Jacmel for about one year or as the Lord allowed and  directed. We built two orphanages not one.  Organized 6 Christian schools, developed a student food program, provided books, water purification for the schools.  we partnered with young evangelist in the local seminary to condict crusades in the mountains, taught English as a second language, Bible Studies to young adults, preached in the churches.

In the Fall of 2014, Children's Hope asked us to move to Jeremie to start a new ministry in Anse du Clerc.  This is a  very remote area. We partnered with the lead pastor,Pastor Francky Jeune, working with seven village churches.  Before  returning to the United States, we built a base camp for medical missions and pastor training teams.

2015 to Present : Presently we are living in the United States. We are maintaining our partnerships with the local churches in both the U.S. and Haiti. We are leveraging our network of relationships to meet specific needs in the Anse du Clerc region and Jacmel.  We have begun organizing to build our first 10 houses and recently purchase 10 donkeys to replace the animals   lost in Hurricane Matthew in 2016 for families living in Bwanef, a remote mountain village in Western Haiti.

I recently resigned from my position as an IT engineer working for the U.S. Air Force to move to Texas with my wife to support the relief effort there. We established an office  in Pasadena, Texas October 2017.  We expect to be in Texas for the next 2 to 3 years.

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