28 Homes Completed as of 1 March 2019

Home Building Program

Just a casual drive through the countryside will reveal the harsh living conditions that most Haitians living in the rural areas must endure.  The houses are little more than shantees, held up with twine and palm fronds.  The roofs are covered with weather worn plastic tarps.  This is all they know and all they can hope for. There is a song that the  orphanage children sing, 

"Bondye pa bliye mwen, Li konnen nom'" 

God has not forgotten me, He knows my name.

We can build a house and a bathroom for about $850 USD. If we add a rain catch system the cost is $1000 USD.   For $1500 we can include a cement floor in the house.  That is more money than the poor of Haiti can imagine, but $850 is what the average American household will spend on  soft drinks in a year. All construction is accomplished with Haitian labor. All interaction with the home owner is done  through the pastor of the local church.  Our goal is to make the local church the focal point for help in the community.  Not the Americans who resource it.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for Haitians living in the country and mountains.  We can do this by providing  a home that is not extravagant, but is durable. But at the same time, we want to spread the Gospel.  We will never promote any project without ensuring that the good news is shared and God is glorified. There are seven churches in Anse du Clerc that are participating in this project and one church in Jacmel.  Our plan is to initially build 10 homes in each community.  The pastors will identify the families, confirm property ownership, and manage the project for their community.  All of this will be accomplished with the oversight of the lead pastor and Pathfinder Mission.  Through this project, the people living in the mountains will know that God has not forgotten them.