About Your Donation

Pathfinder is designated as a 501c3 Charity by the IRS and incorporated as a Mississippi non-profit corporation.   All donations are tax deductible.

Because we chose not to burden friends of the ministry with frequent fundraising appeals, many assume that our work is underwritten or supported by some large organization or denomination. 

In fact, Pathfinder is completely dependent upon God's provision through His people.

If you would like to help us  with financial support, here is how you can do it.

How To Donate

By Check: Make your check payable to Pathfinder Mission. When you write a  check be specific about how you want the money spent.  For example, if you would like to help support Homes for Haiti then include  a note with your check indicating that your donation is for "Homes for Haiti",   otherwise indicate it's for another specific ministry area.  Sometimes we receive a donation that simply says "for  the most pressing needs of the ministry".  In those cases that donation is always used for general ministry expenses or one of  our projects, but will never be used for personal support.    Our mailing address is : Pathfinder Mission, 4808 Fairmont Parkway #302, Pasadena, Texas 77505

On Line: If you would like to donate to Pathfinder online you can use the PayPal links below.  PayPal allows you to donate using an electronic draft from your checking account or with a   major credit card. Just click on the option that the Spirit has prompted you to support. Thank You!

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane  Harvey  is for the disaster relief support in the Houston, Texas area... for rebuilding and the restoration of damaged homes.


I Want To Help Rebuild Houses

Jacmel, Haiti Marriage Project

Jacmel Marriage Project  is a special Marriage Conference Project ... A Pathfinder Mission Team from Montgomery, AL will be traveling to Jacmel, Haiti in late November for the purpose of conducting Biblical marriage training to newly married Christian Haitian couples.  In addition, the team will participate in a crusade in a mountain village.  Your donation will support transportation costs in and   around Jacmel, lodging, meals, administrative and other operating expenses, and periodic benevolence for the people the teram encounters during their mission.

I want To Support The Marriage Project

Homes For Haiti

Homes For Haiti : Contributions to this project are used to fund  the cost of construction of a home, water capture system and toilet for Haitian families.

I Want To Help Build Houses

Elgin's Personal Support

Contributions for the Elgin's living expenses in Texas.

I want To Help THe Elgin's With Expenses